Adding a second ISA network card...

Andrew Hodgson andrew.hodgson at
Thu Aug 29 22:12:02 BST 2002

Hi all,

I am trying to turn an old 486 (DX2-66, 64M RAM) into a little protector on
my new broadband line, but the second card I've fitted isn't detected at
boot. They're both ISA-based Intel Etherexpress Pro 10 cards, the first of
which is detected fine. They both use the ex driver, and I had previously
rebuilt the kernel to include just this network driver, along with all the
requisite firewall/routing options.

My box is rather antiquated, with a huge ISA video card, an ISA
ATA/serial/parallel card, and my two ISA network cards. Also 64 megs of
72-pin RAM. I've stuck 4.4 on a 2G drive.

I've searched around and looked for anyone having a similar problem, and
couldn't find anything. Maybe someone out there has had the same thing

Thanks in advance,


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