Logical dos drive in extended partition

Jon Schneider jon at axismilton.ltd.uk
Tue Aug 27 16:33:51 BST 2002

> The extended partition(s) should show as ad0s5, ad0s6, ad0s7, ad0s8.

Aha. This was the snippet of information I needed and all is now fine. Thanks Mark.

But I can't find this piece of information in any of the handbook, the fdisk manual page, 
ad manual page.

The nearest thing I can find is http://users.uk.freebsd.org/~mark/ntfs_install_3.1.html .

Can I suggest the documentation is fixed.

Also fdisk outputs stuff, mentions that s3 (the extended partition) exists but not that its 
contents would be s5 onwards.

Again there is room for improvement.

I do seem to recall OpenBSDs fdisk or disklabel telling me about the letters to use for 
some extendeds.

Should I submit these suggestions as a bug report or is this mailing list enough ?


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