Logical dos drive in extended partition

Jon Schneider jon at axismilton.ltd.uk
Tue Aug 27 10:39:29 BST 2002

I thought I had got the hang of these things ages ago but was mistaken.

I have a windows installation on ad0s1 (which mounts fine), a BSD root on ad0s2a (, 
swap on ad0s2b) and two more fat32 partitions in which are definately in the third and 
extended partition.

What would the device name be these last ones ?

I thought they would be ad0s3# where # is a letter, maybe g or h. But it isn't any ad0s3# 
and I've been pissing in the wind trying to find out. I had MAKEDEVed ad0s3 a-h.

disklabel won't confirm the existance of any more than a,b,c in ad0s2.

This is incredibly frustrating. There's nothing in the handbook about getting at partitions 
one _knows_ to exist which aren't right at the front.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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