Java Developers Kit for BSD

alex dyas adyas at
Fri Aug 23 13:01:19 BST 2002


The directory structure in question ( /usr/ports/... ) will only exist 
on your machine if you installed the FreeBSD ports collection.  Ports 
are a way of installing software on your machine. You can find out more 
about this in the FreeBSD handbook :


Michael Johnson wrote:
> The BSD server I am using does not have that directory structure. Where
> do I get the download from? 
> The only java directory I could find is /usr/local/share/java  which has
> a directory called classes with nothing in it
>> /usr/ports/java/jdk13. you need to get the linux jdk
>> and the bsd patches as well. also, you might want to
>> check the URLs in your email sig...

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