Server room cooling

Neil Ford neil at
Fri Aug 23 11:24:52 BST 2002

On 23/8/02 11:09 am, "Tim Wiser" <timw at> wrote:

> Well, after repeatedly informing our managers that our server room is far
> too small and doesn't have adequate cooling (this is a brand new site that
> has been built to specification, howerver the specification that was put
> forward by us was blatantly ignored)....  the ambient temperature in the
> room is now knocking on 40 degrees celsius.  The only ventilation that the
> room has is a sucking fan that pulls air out of the corridor, through the
> room and then outside.  However, this is failing to make any difference at
> all as far as we can see - probably because the air in the corridor outside
> is warm.  *sigh*
> Anyway, does anyone know of any documentation/websites that I can put under
> the noses of the managers to coerce them into doing something other than
> lipservice to I.T about this problem?  I've got a feeling that things may
> start going bang unless this is rectified soon.
> Cheers,
> Tim.

If you have the option, I would suggest contacting a local cooling firm to
get them to give you a quote and proposal. In that should be enough
explanation of why cooling the room would be a good idea. If necessary don't
forward the quote to management, just rape the proposal for the technical
stuff you need.

It would be worth checking out the major server manufacturers website's as
they should have info about optimal working temperatures, etc.

In my experience the two things any good server room needs is quality UPS
and quality air-con (to the point that the room is cool)... having tinted
glass so people can't see you skiving in there during the summer is also a

The best way to persuade management the room temperature is too high is to
suggest they spend a short time in their at the height of they day. If it's
too hot for a human, it's way too hot for a computer. Once the sweat starts
to break out they may start to appreciate the problem.

Neil Ford

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