Segmentation fault

Johni el kolgao pelli at
Tue Aug 20 20:07:54 BST 2002

On Tue, 20 Aug 2002, Jon Mercer wrote:

> What I need to know is what might be causing a segmentation fault like
> this. My _guess_ is a hardware fault, but I can't rule out a remote attack
> entirely - does anyone know of such an attack?
> If anyone has some ideas, or has seen this before, I'd be very grateful to
> know.

	Where do you live ?? Maybe hot & sun problems ??

	I was a week without CPU 'cause the hot (in spain); the first sintomas
	(i dont know how to say "sintoma" in english) were Segmentation Faults
	(running OpenBSD).

							/*** mkd ***/


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