Segmentation fault

Jon Mercer jon at
Tue Aug 20 17:33:05 BST 2002

Ok, I'm gonna show my ignorance here...

I've got a segmentation fault running fsck on some poorly unmounted file 
systems - sad fact is there should have been no good reason for them to 
have been so poorly unmounted except for a few system crashes that I seem 
to be getting more and more frequently until I can no longer boot the box 
:-( So far I've seen one page fault (I though this was an indicator of a 
RAM fault, but?) get generated at crash time, but didn't have the ability 
to note everything down.

Yup, I've got big problems!

What I need to know is what might be causing a segmentation fault like 
this. My _guess_ is a hardware fault, but I can't rule out a remote attack 
entirely - does anyone know of such an attack?

The hardware I have is:

Supermicro DB6BE m/b (dual CPU with PC100 RAM)
2 Intel PII 400 MHz CPUs
Adaptec 2490U2W Scsi controller
3 IBM Scsi disks

I've been busily swapping out RAM modules, but with little effect, unless 
they both have a fault (not impossible), they seem to be ok.

What I can't rule out is any other kind of hardware failure. The bios 
checks for the RAM and the Scsi card run through fine, but I can't get the 
box to boot. I've made no changes to the kernel in months, system running 
is 4.5

If anyone has some ideas, or has seen this before, I'd be very grateful to 



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