SSL wrapping or SSH tunnelling? Which is more secure?

Dominic Mitchell dom at
Tue Aug 20 12:40:19 BST 2002

On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 10:55:08AM +0100, Pete French wrote:
> > I use ssh forwarding, just because it's the approach I found first.
> > Never had a problem with it.
> Ou of interest, how do you do the ssh forwarding ? I've not yet found the
> magic combination of arguments to let me set up a permentnet tunnel without
> something running on the far end. At the moment thats a shell script which
> sleeps 10 minutes and then dies. Any alternative suggestions ?

Even sleeping is too much effort.  :-)

If you're stuck with ssh1, try doing this:

% ssh host -L 1110:localhost:110 perl -MPOSIX -e POSIX::pause

That'll just sit there inside pause(3) until death comes to it.

If you're luck enough to be using the ssh 2 protocol (and you really
should be, these days!), then there's a flag you can use to ask the
server to do nothing for you:

% ssh host -L 1110:localhost:110 -N

Much more convenient.


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