SSL wrapping or SSH tunnelling? Which is more secure?

Pete French pete at
Tue Aug 20 11:24:46 BST 2002

> Making the tunnel stay up is actually quite tricky unless one resorts
> to something like daemontools to recognise that the tunnel has gone
> down and restart it when necessary. It gets even more convoluted when
> one uses a chain of SSH port forwarders for traversing a firewall sandwich.

Yes, thats one of the reasons I havent moved to stunnel (which stays up quite
happily). I am going through two firewalls to get from Crawley to Southampton
and trying to get the arious owners to reconfigure them would be a nightmare.

Glad too see that I am not the only one whoel has to use the "shell in a
sleep loop" answer tjhough :-) It works pretty well - we've had the connection
in place for a year and a half now with no problems at all.


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