USB/Serial adapter

Johni el kolgao pelli at
Sun Aug 18 10:25:10 BST 2002

	Hi all, I have an USB Creative 3 Webcam Plus "detected" on my FreeBSD
	4.6 (it uses OV511+); but the led is always off. I've installed the
	/usr/ports/graphics/vid port 'cause this command turn on the led of the
	webcam and takes a photo, then it turns off the led and exits.

	I've reading that there's a device called "bktr" to grab video, but i
	cannot configure it. I added to my kernel options like: uhci, usb, ugen,
	bktr. But MAKEDEV seems that cannot configure the device:

	make kernel
	cd /dev && sh MAKEDEV bktr0

	All good but xawtv tells: /dev/bktr0: device not configured.

	I have usbd_enable="YES" in rc.conf and I can take photos with vid in
	the way described below. How can I see permanently the led ON and grab
	video ??

	Thanks all !

							/*** mkd ***/


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