USB/Serial adapter

Sam Smith S at
Thu Aug 15 22:55:33 BST 2002

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Jose Marques wrote:
> Does anybody know of any serial to USB adapters that work with FreeBSD
> that can be bought in the UK?  If so a manufacturer name, model and
> details of the place you got it from would be most welcome.  Looking at
> the ones mentioned in the kernel config I've only been able to find
> foreign suppliers that don't ship outside the US.  Basically I after
> something that I can use to connect a mobile, GPS, palm etc. to a serial
> port challenged PC.  I'm assuming that any such device would look like a
> serial device from FreeBSD's POV.

These guys are in the UK.

I don't know if they work with FreeBSD, but NetBSD has a driver.
And it looks like a serial device over USB -- but needs a
(relatively simple) driver.


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