ADSL modem for FreeBSD?

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Wed Aug 14 20:33:05 BST 2002

Alcatel SpeedTouch Pro (ethernet with NAT/PAT) from dslsource is pretty easy 
to set up. Some of them even come with a 4 port 10mb hub built in.

Steve Purdy 

Quoting Kevin Golding <kevin at>:

> Someone, quite probably Neil Ford, once wrote:
> >On 13/8/02 11:24 pm, "Mark Hughes" <mh_lists at> wrote:
> >
> >>> I'm about to buy an ADSL modem and wondered if anyone knew which ones
> work
> >>> with FreeBSD? Is there a list somewhere, or has any of you had positive
> >>> experiences with a particular make/model?
> >> 
> >> The alcatel speedtouch USB thingy works with FreeBSD using pppoa (i
> think)
> >> in ports.... worked a treat for me for most of the last year, apart from
> >> dodgy usb behaviour by my motherboard (i blame VIA for being pants with
> a
> >> capitol P for USB chipsets...).
> >> 
> >> If i were doing it again though, i'd get an external, standalone ADSL
> modem
> >> that gave a nice ethernet interface on it's internal side, then OS
> support
> >> is unimportant.
> >> 
> >I'd agree with Mark, don't go down the USB route if you don't have too.
> >
> >Good sources of kit are and
> >
> >
> >Not used Solwise personally but have had good reports about the SAR 703
> and
> >it's 4 port bigger brother. 
> As a SAR 715 user I have to say it works perfectly well for me.
> Probably not the prettiest box out there but it's unobtrusive enough to
> forget about.
> The customer service is very good too should you need to use that.
> The only gotcha with it is firmware updates.  By default it uses a
> little Windows app, one which seems to throw a tantrum unless you use an
> NT kernel too.  I believe once you've upgraded to the latest firmware
> (which I think they'll do if you ask), you can just use a browser for
> future upgrades.  Of course that may change, but they seem to have a few
> *BSD and Linux users so I suspect they'll work away from the Windows app
> if anything.
> Kevin
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