ADSL modem for FreeBSD?

Kevin Golding kevin at
Wed Aug 14 10:00:52 BST 2002

Someone, quite probably Neil Ford, once wrote:
>On 13/8/02 11:24 pm, "Mark Hughes" <mh_lists at> wrote:
>>> I'm about to buy an ADSL modem and wondered if anyone knew which ones work
>>> with FreeBSD? Is there a list somewhere, or has any of you had positive
>>> experiences with a particular make/model?
>> The alcatel speedtouch USB thingy works with FreeBSD using pppoa (i think)
>> in ports.... worked a treat for me for most of the last year, apart from
>> dodgy usb behaviour by my motherboard (i blame VIA for being pants with a
>> capitol P for USB chipsets...).
>> If i were doing it again though, i'd get an external, standalone ADSL modem
>> that gave a nice ethernet interface on it's internal side, then OS support
>> is unimportant.
>I'd agree with Mark, don't go down the USB route if you don't have too.
>Good sources of kit are and
>Not used Solwise personally but have had good reports about the SAR 703 and
>it's 4 port bigger brother. 

As a SAR 715 user I have to say it works perfectly well for me.
Probably not the prettiest box out there but it's unobtrusive enough to
forget about.

The customer service is very good too should you need to use that.

The only gotcha with it is firmware updates.  By default it uses a
little Windows app, one which seems to throw a tantrum unless you use an
NT kernel too.  I believe once you've upgraded to the latest firmware
(which I think they'll do if you ask), you can just use a browser for
future upgrades.  Of course that may change, but they seem to have a few
*BSD and Linux users so I suspect they'll work away from the Windows app
if anything.

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