ADSL modem for FreeBSD?

Mark Hughes mh_lists at
Tue Aug 13 23:24:23 BST 2002

> I'm about to buy an ADSL modem and wondered if anyone knew which ones work
> with FreeBSD? Is there a list somewhere, or has any of you had positive
> experiences with a particular make/model?

The alcatel speedtouch USB thingy works with FreeBSD using pppoa (i think)
in ports.... worked a treat for me for most of the last year, apart from
dodgy usb behaviour by my motherboard (i blame VIA for being pants with a
capitol P for USB chipsets...).

If i were doing it again though, i'd get an external, standalone ADSL modem
that gave a nice ethernet interface on it's internal side, then OS support
is unimportant.


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