London Meeting - 07/08/2002

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Thu Aug 8 21:25:02 BST 2002

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On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 12:25:50AM +0100, Byron Schlemmer wrote:
> Now for the website. It seems some gentleman (Sorry I forget names, very
> bad with names) put some effort into this a while but seemed to get no
> real constructive support.=20

That'd be Hiten.

Based on the discussions we had last night, I think he's going to go off
and knock up a prototype with some light weight content management using
Zope.  Basically, something that gets us away from the "one webmaster"
syndrome, and instead gets us to the point where pretty much anybody can
request an account, and can then dive in and start maintaining content,
uploading photos, presentations, meeting information, and so on.

That way we don't run in to an all too common situation where updates
end up not happening, because the volunteer webmaster suddenly discovers
that they need to have a life.

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