Installation of FreeBSD 4.6 with X and KDE

Punkey lee at
Fri Aug 9 18:54:36 BST 2002

> If you're using the same version of XFree86 with Linux and FreeBSD, you
> should just be able to copy your XFree86 config file from the Linux
> system to the FreeBSD system. . .
(Nik - we've discussed this previously but I'll post it here for others 
to see)

It's a great idea in principle, but it's not a straight forward 

After moving my box from RH7.2 to 4.4 (and then 4.6) I had the same 
kinda problem.  The format of my XF86config file was rather different to 
the FreeBSD one.  The basic layout was the same, but variables/settings 
were defined differently.
Cutting a long story short, I used XF86Setup to fudge a basic XF86config 
file (you know, 640x480, 8 bit colour) and then modified it with the 
relevant bits and pieces from my Linux XF86config.  (I'll send both 
files to anyone who is interested, mail me offlist)

It took me a good few hours worth of faffing about, googling and reading 
the XF86config file documentation, and wasn't helped by the fact my 32Mb 
3D card is some sort of clone that I picked up on the cheap from 
Computer Exchange.
Anyways, after taking the time to munge my file manually, I've now got 
24bit at 1280x1024.  :)


PS - If anyone else is just moving over from Linux to FreeBSD and 
getting stuck, drop me a line and I'll see if I can help.

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