external modem for me.......

Neil Ford neil at nubenu.com
Fri Aug 9 16:21:10 BST 2002

On 9/8/02 4:14 pm, "e travis" <rwhod at yahoo.com> wrote:

> hello
> i am in sad straights right now......
> my head really hurts(from trying to conf my modem).
> anyway
> i am going to buy an external modem(i have always had
> better luck with those).....
> soooo......
> can anyway suggest a external modem(dialup) that will
> be recognized by the FreeBSD 4.1 kernel.GENERIC.
> thankyou in advance.
Any external serial modem should work. I would recommend the USR Sportsters
but a serial connection is a serial connection so it really shouldn't
matter. By a known brand if you are worried, by an unknown if you are not.

Neil Ford
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