Hiten Pandya hiten at
Thu Aug 8 21:15:56 BST 2002

--- Philip Pereira <info at> wrote:
> Following from the talk yesterday - I've decided I'd like to help get the
> UK website up to scratch! I'm not sure what I'd define as "scrath" ;) but
> I'd like to get involved with FreeBSD some way.
> I can't remember the chaps' name who said he was gonna do it - I'd like to
> help him in any way possible! Previous examples of mine:

Hello.  Its me you were talking about (hopefully!).  Nik, I, and Tom Hukins
and others like the idea of using Zope for doing the work,  I am currently
starting up on that as I need to get my Zope back into action (its in dust
at the moment -- 6 months ago.. *foof*)

Once I get something in hand, I will let the list know, and you will get the
news too.  I will be very happy to have your help, once I can get something

Btw, on a side note, I like the design of very much,
but the has some quirks;:P

  -- Hiten

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