Mailing list amendments

Neil Ford neil at
Thu Aug 8 11:59:47 BST 2002

Something that I should have raised last night but forgot....

Any chance we can have the reply to for the list changed so it points back
to itself? I know this goes against some strongly held beliefs but it really
is a pain to hit reply and only realise once the mail's gone that it hasn't
gone to the list.

Yes, I know mutt can handle this kind of thing, but I don't use mutt. I
suspect I'm not alone.

One other thing while I think about it, can we add the standard signature
separator ('-- ' (the space is important) for those that don't know) to the
list signature so that MUA's that understand it can strip them out. Might
cut down the signature quoting that occurs quite a bit.

As a flipside to this, if you need a hand maintaining the list Joe, I'm
happy to step up and offer to help.

Neil Ford
neil at | neil at

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