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Thu Aug 8 07:50:27 BST 2002

On 7/8/02 11:06 pm, "Punkey" <lee at> wrote:

> Hi folks.  If you were one of the peeps attending the meeting in London
> tonight:
> 1) I think I was subscribed to the list already but didn't realise it
> (doh...)
> 2) I hope everyone dried out eventually
> 3) I hope everyone got home despite the cancellations on train/tubes due
> to flooding (everywhere!)
> Very Best,
> Lee
Yes and yes :-)

I'd just like to re-iterate my thanks once again to Nik and everyone at
Imagination for a great event last night. Definitely a success and I at
least am looking forward to the next one.

And a quick apology to Nik for getting up at the beginning of his talk...
even if I have seen graphing done to death (I'll see if Leon's presentations
are available on-line) I probably shouldn't have been quite so vocal :-)

One minor request for next time... can we have wireless net access? (I can
supply a self supporting basestation that can sit outside any firewall).

Neil Ford
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