ATI Radeon 7500

Johni el kolgao mkd at
Wed Aug 7 00:28:56 BST 2002

Hi all !!!

I'm a spanish boy that lives in Spain (Mallorca). I'm a newbie of FreeBSD=
(I use FreeBSD 4.6-STABLE and I've tried the CURRENT branch). I've got a=20
Nvidia Riva TNT2 Ultra64 with 32Mb and I used GLX driver in Linux.

=46rom some weeks ago, I'm looking for some info to use 3D architecture i=
my FreeBSD OS, cause I'm a person who likes use just one OS with all=20
functionalities. Some days ago, I could grab Audio with SCSI-Emulation=20
patch, cause Native-IDE burning doesn't support my burner in Audio mode.=20
And now I'm gonna get (in a few hours) an ATI Radeon 7500 64Mb DDR.

Do you know anholt ( ?? He talked to m=
that he had used an ATI 7500 Radeon with his FreeBSD and he could play=20
all 3D games and use OpenGL completly.

I just wanna say which are the steps to install and configure my ATI, I=20
went to do it in this way:

=091. Install the hardware
=092. Execute the command: XFree86 -configure
=093. Edit the /etc/X11/XF86-Config-4 and add the line Driver "radeon"
=094. Install the drm-kmod (in /usr/ports/graphics) port to provide dri
And what must I do at this point ?? Can you help me, please ??

Thanks for all and sorry about my large message and my horrible english=20

Byez !!!

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