Installation of FreeBSD 4.6 with X and KDE

Johni el kolgao mkd at
Tue Aug 6 12:27:54 BST 2002

El Mar 06 Ago 2002 08:40, Teilo escribi=F3:
> I decided to try FreeBSD, and I downloaded the ISO images, and burnt
> installation CDs for FreeBSD 4.6.

=09good choise ;-)

> I have tried three times to install FreeBSD 4.6 on one of my machines,
> but I can't get XFree86 to work.  I can get the system to work without
> X, but I can't get X to work, using KDE.

=09With XF4, i think that you must use "ati" driver (in
/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/ati_drv.o) in your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
in this way:

=09Section "Device"
=09=09Identifier=09"Ati Mach64"
=09=09BoardName=09"Ati Mach64"

> My machine has an ATI Mach 64 graphics card which has worked OK in OS/2
> and under Linux, but I don't seem able to get a driver to work in the
> version of XFree86 that comes with FreeBSD 4.6.

=09Can you completly install the XF4 port ?? That is, can you compile all
the XF4 port and install it?? Or the problem exists when you start the X

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