freebsd and ftp

Peter McGarvey pmcgarvey at
Tue Aug 6 08:58:37 BST 2002

>  I've installed freebsd 4.5.  I can ftp into a user account fine.  The
>  problem arises when I go yo say install apache by connecting to an ftp
> site such as that problems arise.  I get a 'no address
> associated with hostname'

Check /etc/resolv.conf has a valid nameserver specified.

>  also, in /etc/rc.conf, I've got the ifconfig set as ifconfig_vr0
> instead of ifconfig_sis0.  If I do the latter I can't ftp or ssh into
> the box.  any ideas?

The "sis0" or "vr0" bit is the name of the interface.

ifconfig -a

Will list the loaded interface drivers.  If ifconfig_sis0 does not work 
then it could be because you do not have a SIS device, or because it's not 
plugged into the correct network.


Peter McGarvey
System Administrator
Network Operations, VIA Networks UK

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