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Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Mon Apr 29 13:08:58 BST 2002

I just did a major research into DSL providers and ended up with
Network-i.  I pulled email address contacts from BT's site (all the BT
resellers - about 75 of them!) and sent them my requirements.  About four
had pricing for the following config at < 30 pounds/month:

4 IP Static Subnet (one for the router, one for my BSD gateway)
No filters (I need to do IPSEC)
ethernet handoff from the DSL equipment (no USB)
512k downstream to me
50:1 contention

If you have not yet purchased DSL I would strongly look at Network-i and
Zen.  It came down to those two, and I chose Network-i to save 50 pounds
on the equipment (equipment and install from Network-i was 200 pounds, 250
from Zen).  Both were 25 pounds per month for the above.

I have not received my equipment yet, nor have I tested their support and
techincal knowledge.  With any luck I will not have to!  I will send an
update if there is trouble.



On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Wood, Richard wrote:

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> > I'm thinking about going for a wires only ADSL install and 
> > I'm wondering
> > if anyone could recommend a good modem/router?
> I'm using a Solwise SAR703. Works well and was reasonably cheap for an
> ethernet/adsl router.
> Available from
> Reviews of various bits of kit on
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