Boot Loader Config Problem

hodsgonandrew at hodsgonandrew at
Sat Apr 27 17:52:47 BST 2002

Dear All,

I have two IDE disks set up, the first with Win98, and a FAT user partition, the second with a 
Win2000 NTFS partition, a FAT32 user partition, and my lovely FreeBSD partition after that.
The FBSD boot manager handles things nicely, but I'd like to get it so that 
a) it boots into Win98 by default (for my girlfriend)
b) I can boot into BSD from the Windows boot manager.

I understand from the literature that because my BSD partition is on the second disk, I 
cannot get the Windows boot.ini to hook into it - I tried it with /boot/boot1, and it came up as 
a "boot error". I heeded the warning in the handbook about copying /boot/boot0 to the MBR!

Do I simply need to install a more elegant boot manager? It's slightly inconvenient to have 
this two-stage booting process.

Thanks in advance,


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