Suitable ATX motherboard for FreeBSD server

Jon Schneider jon at
Mon Apr 29 09:48:35 BST 2002

On 29 Apr 2002, at 9:18, James Diss wrote:

> The other interesting point that I discussed with someone recently was
> that there is a significant amount of hardware that is dead on the
> shelves out there, and nothing can save you from a thermal protection
> system that isn't working in the first place.

Yes this is actually a tribute to how reliable and cheap hardware is. 
The manufacturers have decided to do away with burn in tests and 
take the returns instead.

Whatever you buy run it under load somewhere warm for a few 
days before giving it to a customer.

I agree with what has been said. AMDs are a bit behind in the 
thermal shutdown department but what tomshardware did was 
unrealistic. That site will do anything to be able to shove more 
banner ads in its visitors' faces.


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