Suitable ATX motherboard for FreeBSD server

James Diss James at
Mon Apr 29 09:18:00 BST 2002

In message <27205.1019931817 at>, Paul Civati <paul at> 
>>I would steer clear of AMD processors for a server, and go with Intel.
>> did an interesting test on AMD and Intel processors,
>>highlighting that AMD processors do not have good thermal shutdown 
>>compared to Intel, so if your processor heat sink/fan fails then your 
>>AMD CPU will melt down, quite literally.  Intel CPUs simply slow down 
>>or shut down safely.
>Too much has been made of this.

The other interesting point that I discussed with someone recently was
that there is a significant amount of hardware that is dead on the
shelves out there, and nothing can save you from a thermal protection
system that isn't working in the first place.

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