Suitable ATX motherboard for FreeBSD server

Paul Civati paul at
Sat Apr 27 19:23:37 BST 2002

Tim Wiser <timw at> wrote:

> The company I work for is fairly cost-conscious, so I can't spend a
> massive amount on building a really hefty box.  I'm therefore after
> something like a board that has onboard video and networking, 128Mb
> RAM and a 20-40Gb IDE hard drive.

I think last time this came up someone suggested some Tyan boards
(SiS chipset based) that have onboard video and dual ethernet.

> Can anyone recommend a suitable motherboard, or know any boards I
> should be looking to avoid? 

I would steer clear of AMD processors for a server, and go with Intel. did an interesting test on AMD and Intel processors,
highlighting that AMD processors do not have good thermal shutdown
compared to Intel, so if your processor heat sink/fan fails then
your AMD CPU will melt down, quite literally.  Intel CPUs simply
slow down or shut down safely.


> The whole lot needs to fit into a 2U 19"
> rackmounted case if possible, which I can get for #137 +VAT. 
> If that's not possible, a 4U 19" ATX for #119.

Nice prices, where from out of interest?


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