Suitable ATX motherboard for FreeBSD server

Tim Wiser timw at
Wed Apr 24 17:15:45 BST 2002


I've been evaluating FreeBSD as a server for a couple of months now and =
now looking at building a new box to run it on.  I intend to mount the
server in a 19" rack alongside our existing Compaq Prolient 1600.

The company I work for is fairly cost-conscious, so I can't spend a =
amount on building a really hefty box.  I'm therefore after something =
like a
board that has onboard video and networking, 128Mb RAM and a 20-40Gb =
hard drive.

Can anyone recommend a suitable motherboard, or know any boards I =
should be
looking to avoid?  The whole lot needs to fit into a 2U 19" rackmounted =
if possible, which I can get for =A3137 +VAT.  If that's not possible, =
a 4U
19" ATX for =A3119.


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