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Paul Truran paul at
Thu Apr 18 12:16:20 BST 2002

Hi all,

I am currently running a FreeBSD 4.5 box as an internet gateway to my cable 
modem.  I have recently fitted a hard drive to it with a load of information 
on, that I would like to be able to access from the Microsoft systems on my 
internal network.  I should be able to get samba up and running without to much 
hassle, but I am concerned about the security aspect of this, especially as I 
will be probably be running samba in share mode with no passwords.  So 
basically, how do I ensure that the internal network can access the samba 
shares, but people on the internet cannot?  I'm pretty sure of what I need to 
do, but I thought I had better double check, as I don't really wan't all my 
data open to all and sundry on the internet.  Given that my internal card is 
xl0 and the one connected to the cable modem is fxp0, what do I need to do to 
my firewall to ensure that the SMB shares can only be access via my internal 

Thanks in advance,

Paul Truran

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