Aled Morris aledm at
Wed Apr 17 10:44:51 BST 2002

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Edmund Craske wrote:

>Any of you people on this list connecting to BTOpenworld Home 500 using
>a frog on FreeBSD, how long does your connection usually last for before
>being disconnected? Mine usually dies every few days, but I'd expect it
>to disconnect a little less often, as a friend on Nildram hardly gets
>disconnected at all. Also, when reconnecting, it usually seems to take
>quite a few retries before it can reconnect successfully. Does anyone
>else get that?

On Nildram I see a disconnect almost every day, but it reconnects straight
away - and with a static IP that isn't a big problem.

Occasionaly I get a "storm" of disconnect/reconnects, for example 11 times
yesterday between 22:55:40 and 22:58:55

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