Seeking advice regarding developing and platforms.

tim.borgeaud at tim.borgeaud at
Tue Apr 16 13:32:48 BST 2002

For a little while I've been gearing up my home machine for
some more serious developing. Although this will still be
little programs for novelty or home use, I'm a bit beyond
simple console mode programs and I'm looking to get some
more useful knowledge and experience too.

I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of user group members
that could give me some advice regarding my recent

At the mo I program pretty much exclusively in C (even
though I'd like to pick up some C++/Java), and although
I program using the windows API at work, at home I gave up
dual booting to windows some time ago. So I've been taking
a peek at X to give me some more flexibility at home. I'm
not sure how much use this will be anywhere other than
home. So I've found myself at a bit of a loss as to where
to concentrate my efforts, or, at least, how I might make
things a bit easier.

I've recently got the mingw gcc package up and running
on both my machine and under win98 on my girlfriend's
machine. So at least now I can program windows apps.
However, it looks like testing and debugging is going
to be a bit awkward. If I go much further down this
particular road I'm going to need a windows platform
myself - in which case I'm faced with some choices
(none of which may be worth the money or effort):

     FreeBSD on my desktop and VMWare (vmware probably
     on a new, faster machine which would act as a

     FreeBSD on my desktop and another cheap machine
     for windows.

     Use windows + cygwin's XFree86 on my desktop
     mainly as a terminal to a faster machine (a
     server which would have to be on most of the time).

I've also got apache running locally. But browser based
apps are going to require an http server which is probably
going to limit any programs I write to home use.

Maybe there's another, FreeBSD compatible, development
kit/platform that I should take a look at?


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