A dumb question

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Tue Apr 16 13:49:40 BST 2002

If you have the mouse daemon running you should be using /dev/sysmouse for
xwindows...  I think that should work!



On Tue, 16 Apr 2002, Phil Richardson wrote:

> Hi,
> Im quite okay with UNIX (lots of development time etc - and I teach about 
> it) and relatively okay with Xwindows. Recently treated myself to an optical 
> mouse with a USB interface. Its all standard gear - MS Mouse (it was the 
> cheapest which was a suprise).
> Now although the kernel see's the USB port and see's the mouse, and the 
> mouse daemon starts up (and recognises the mouse as an MS mouse) I 
> cannot get the thing to be seen by X-windows. What am I doing wrong ? I 
> followed the instructions as supplied by freebsd.org on the use of USB 
> mice - but /dev/mouse just dont give anything back in return.
> Has anyone come across this problem and managed to resolve it.... ?
> Many thanks to those who respond - and sorry if the answer is in a recent 
> post - I sometimes dont read them :(
> Phil
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