OpenLDAP database has vanished

Mike Bristow mike at
Tue Apr 9 15:23:41 BST 2002

On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 11:29:08AM +0100, Tim Wiser wrote:
> I've created an LDIF file containing all the LDAP info for the company, and
> if I do an ldapadd, it accepts the data quite happily.  I'm still not able
> to successfully query the database though:
> mail# ldapsearch -L -b "o=Pennine, c=UK" "(cn=Tim)"
> mail#

Hmm.  It looks like you're running an ldap server (as otherwise ldapsearch
would bitch about not being able to talk to it), but your filter doesn't
match anything.

It might be an idea to run "slapcat" (which will dump the database without
talking ldap) to see what's really there.  

It would be worth double-checking things like the base and the cn
of the object you're looking for - I can't recall if organizationName, 
countryName and commonName are case sensitive in the more common schemas.

> mail# slapd
> slapd: Command not found.
> mail#

Only do this if you're sure that slapd isn't running; things
get odd if there's more than one slapd running at once.  This
may be the root of your problem, actually:

ps auxwww | grep slapd

& kill them all, then

ps auxwww | grep slapd

& kill -9 any survivors, then restart slapd might be a plan.

Mike Bristow, embonpointful, but not managerial, damnit.

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