DNS problems

Tim Wiser timw at penninehealthcare.co.uk
Thu Apr 4 12:35:35 BST 2002

> I've just sent a test message and it seems to be going ok from here;
> you'll have to let us know the error message to know what's going on.

Hmmmm, it now seems that the problem lies not with the DNS or BSD
installation, more with the system I have in place.... it seems to be a
problem with Exchange 5.5.  Basically all the mail is collected by our
Exchange box and then, depending on whether a user has an account on the BSD
box, it is sent to an Alternate Recipient address in the format user at mail
where mail is the name of the BSD mailserver. The hosts file on the Exchange
box knows about this server and this system normally works fine; mail is
forwarded to the AR address and therefore sits on the BSD server until the
user picks their mail up over POP3. 

It also, ahem, appears to be an incoming mail problem - the problematic
mails are being sent into the company rather than out from it. I've sent
test messages from my own account successfully and have replicated the fault
by asking the person at bookpoint.co.uk to send a test email to us.

So, unless there's some Exchange bods on this list, I'm back to square one!
Thanks for the help though guys :)

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