DNS problems

Ceri setantae at submonkey.net
Wed Apr 3 17:48:26 BST 2002

On Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 05:21:40PM +0100, Tim Wiser wrote:
> Hi,
> LDAP problem currently solved and a few more ideas under the bonnet.... I
> now find that I am faced with another problem!  99% of the time mail is
> working - users can use the server as an outgoing mail relay.  It is using
> the BT OpenWorld server as a smart host so it doesn't have to deliver the
> mail directly.  However, I noticed that mails to a particular domain,
> bookpoint.co.uk, are failing.  Neither my local DNS proxy or the BT
> OpenWorld DNS servers know about the bookpoint.co.uk domain.  No other DNS
> servers that I know of know about this domain either.  Putting
> http://www.bookpoint.co.uk into Internet Explorer on my Windows box takes me
> to http://www.hodder.co.uk or similar.

There's nothing wrong with the DNS for bookpoint.co.uk, except that the IP
address for mail.bookpoint.co.uk is lacking a reverse entry.

I'm assuming the nameservers you're talking about are dns[12].btinternet.com

I can't query bookpoint.co.uk at all on dns1.btinternet.com, but that may be
because I'm on an ntl connection.

dns2.btinternet.com, however, is displaying signs of a bug that our nameservers
also get from time to time.
Successive "dig bookpoint.co.uk ns @dns2.btinternet.com"'s are decrementing
the TTL on the NS records at an alarming rate (far faster than 1 second per

The fix ?  Keep digging until the bad TTLs hit zero.

Don't know why this happens, or why that fixes it, but it usually does.
I'm glad I've seen someone else's DNS servers do this at last.

Try digging it now and it should be OK (assuming dns1.btinternet.com is
actually OK and just refusing to answer queries from off their network).


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