DNS problems

Tim Wiser timw at penninehealthcare.co.uk
Wed Apr 3 17:21:40 BST 2002


LDAP problem currently solved and a few more ideas under the bonnet.... I
now find that I am faced with another problem!  99% of the time mail is
working - users can use the server as an outgoing mail relay.  It is using
the BT OpenWorld server as a smart host so it doesn't have to deliver the
mail directly.  However, I noticed that mails to a particular domain,
bookpoint.co.uk, are failing.  Neither my local DNS proxy or the BT
OpenWorld DNS servers know about the bookpoint.co.uk domain.  No other DNS
servers that I know of know about this domain either.  Putting
http://www.bookpoint.co.uk into Internet Explorer on my Windows box takes me
to http://www.hodder.co.uk or similar.

I've not got a clue what's going on, nor how to fix it :(

Tim Wiser, IT Support Specialist
timw at penninehealthcare.co.uk

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