Fw: A Hello, and a webmail query

Robert Smith rob at binaryrage.com
Tue Apr 2 15:37:17 BST 2002


    Have you investigated Neomail ( http://neomail.sourceforge.net/ ) ? I've
used it on a few platforms, although never FreeBSD (yet!). Its fairly nice,
not configurable to death as you might expect, but should serve to do what
you want quite easily.

rob at binaryrage.com

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Subject: A Hello, and a webmail query

> Hi Guys,
> This is my first post, as I've only signed up recently.  I've got a
> FreeBSD 4.5system at home acting a gateway for my cable modem connection.
I'm also
> running a mailserverand webserver amongst other things on it.  I need to
be able to access the
> mail on the server fromwork, but due to an extremely restrictive firewall
(which I have no
> control over) I cannotconnect to the IMAP server directly, as every port
except 21 and 80 is
> blocked.  So, to getaround this, I would like a web front end for the mail
server.  I am
> currently using one calledsquirrelmail, which I am using to send this
email...It works okish, but it
> is a bit cheap andnasty, and tends to screw up the format of emails sent
via it (so if this
> email looks a bit messedup, it is because of squirrelmail, not because I
can't type ;-) ).
> So, to get the the point,
> does anyone know a good IMAP web front end for FreeBSD?  I have tried to
> get the IMP portinstalled many times without success, both the stable and
the development
> version.  Theproblem seems to be that PHP needs to have IMAP support
installed, but it
> always fails when Itry and install it with this option selected.  This has
happened with PHP
> 4.1.1 and 4.1.2,which is what I am currently running (under apache 1.3.22)
> Any one got any ideas?
> Cheers,
> Paul Truran
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