freebsd and linux multiboot

Adam Atkinson ghira at
Mon Apr 1 08:12:21 BST 2002

Ok... I'm missing something here.

The handbook doesn't seem to say how to tell the FreeBSD boot loader
to boot anything except FreeBSD. It seems to hint at this being magic,
and just offering to boot other things. This certainly isn't what
happens - I just get "F1 - FreeBSD (default)". Is my Linux boot
partition being in an extended partition somewhere a problem? Wouldn't
have thought so.

Looking around on the web, I've seen stuff about telling LILO how to
boot other things, and even Grub. But so far nothing about FreeBSD.
I'm beginning to wonder if I should rerun sysinstall and use "set
bootable" on the Linux boot partition. But this doesn't feel right.

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