Your Advice: Low Grade/Cost Server Parts

Jonathan Perkin sketch at
Fri Sep 28 10:58:30 BST 2001

On a similar but seperate note, anyone know a good place either to get
pre-built 1U boxen or empty 1U cases.  I'm not entirely sure why a
discussion on co-lo boxen hasn't yet come around to this, or do
desktop ATX cases fit in 1U these days? :)

Everywhere I've looked either has bloated prices for quite poorly
specced x86 machines or don't sell empty cases along with suitable
motherboards for DIY.  Given the new Tyan MP motherboards are
designed for 1U, you could probably build quite nicely specced
machines these days (although heat dissipation could prove to be a
problem!).  Alternatives are the lovely Netra X1's which prove
very competitive with price, but non-solaris support for them could
be an issue.

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