Your Advice: Low Grade/Cost Server Parts

Ian MacDonald ian at
Fri Sep 28 10:27:17 BST 2001


Unless your colo is very cheep you might be better off trying one of our =
dedicated internet servers at .

By default they are linux but I can always install FBSD if you wish (I kn=
ow I would). We are not selling these in anger yet as we are in the proce=
ss of finishing user interfaces to bandwidth, monitoring, backups etc, bu=
t we have some already in place that we can sell initially without these =

Depending on the term and spec the prices start from =A350 per month incl=
uding some bandwidth. Do not worry about the spec on the site. Drop a mai=
l to sales at with the specs for a quote (As you are on the FBSD=
 UK users mailing list, I'm sure we can do you a better deal).

The advantage is that you will never need to come down to fix it as if an=
ything goes wrong, we swap out the hardware.


On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 08:01:55PM +0100, James McGuire wrote:
> Hi Chaps
> I'm trying to build myself a low spec FreeBSD server for co-location do=
wn south. As I'm a northerner - and a pretty poor one at that, it needs t=
o be reliable so I'm not having to go down and fix it every 2 minutes.=20
> To that end, I've hit a rut, do I compromise reliability for low cost. =
So I'm looking for some advice. Namely your personal preferrences on bran=
ds/models/cheap places to buy.
> I'll give you a rough idea of what I'm hoping to put together.
> Intel Celeron II 733Mhz
> Appropriate Motherboard (no frills)
> 256MB RAM
> Cheapy NIC
> Cheapy Graphics
> Desktop ATX Case
> 20GB HDD
> Heat Sink + Fan
> "3.5 Floppy
> Keyboard
> I've managed to sum that up at about =A3300 quid - can anyone beat that=
? Any advice much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> James


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