Your Advice: Low Grade/Cost Server Parts

Aled Morris aledm at
Fri Sep 28 00:59:06 BST 2001

On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Paul Richards wrote:

>They're also designed to be quiet rather than cool and they get turned off
>periodically and so can cool down. In a colo that's a very different
>matter, noise is not an issue at all but cpoling is and heat dissipation
>can be a significant consideration.

Couldn't agree more.  Whatever you do, go out and buy an extra case fan or
two.  You'll find that your cheap PC case even has the aperatures cut
ready for the fans, but the cheapskates who put the system together never
fitted any, relying instead just on the fan in the PSU and the one on the
CPU, with no airflow through the case.  I'd suggest a through flow, one
fan at the front sucking air in and the other blowing it out.

Some colo sites can be a heat nightmare with dozens of systems in a
confined space gasping for cool air!  Only the fittest (i.e. the best
equipped) survive.

Dell make a server for =A3500 + VAT (Poweredge 500SC)  -  I wonder what
design compromises they made to get the price down so low?

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