Your Advice: Low Grade/Cost Server Parts

stu at stu at
Thu Sep 27 23:57:34 BST 2001

>To that end, I've hit a rut, do I compromise reliability for low cost.
>So I'm looking for some advice.
If there's two things to try and not skimp on, it's the PSU and fan 
(ball bearing if possible!). Intel 810/810e/815/815e based mobo's are 
dirt cheap, you can get them to fit in a Micro ATX case (this may lower 
the costs if you're going into a crowded colo), and usually have onboard 
fxp ethernet and graphics. I've had FreeBSD (and X) running on a few 
different of these.

>"3.5 Floppy
Or if you have an old bootable cdrom lying around you could use that 
instead :)

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