AMD vs. Intel

Mark Hughes mark at
Thu Sep 27 23:33:08 BST 2001

I think the rule pretty much is that they are comparable so long as the
cooling doesn't fail. If your cooling fails, a Duron/Athlon will catch
fire, a P3 will crash but survive, and a P4 will just slow down. If you
spend enough on a fan and make sure it's attached properly, you should have
no problems with AMD processors, but depending on ease of access to the
box, and the importance placed on uptime, this could be an important

That said if you want to scare yourself into using Intel, head on over to and take a look at their recent feature on how
the different processors cope with the cooling failures.


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Following up on the whole cheapy server scene:

Does anyone have any advice on the whole AMD vs. Intel sentiment? People
have told me to stay away from AMDs as far as servers go. I'm told they
overheat. If I went for a low spec duron, surely it would be ok? Are they

Anyone got any experience with AMDs in servers?



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