How dial out as user

Ben Paley rambhai at
Thu Sep 27 07:19:38 BST 2001

Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding dialing out as 
user.  I am able to edit and setup ppp.conf as root, but am not able to 
dial out as user.  It's probably some sort of permissions thing, but I 
can't find any information in the man pages.  At least none that I can 
understand.  Any help much appreciated.

Yeah, two steps should do it. First, put a line in ppp.conf 

allow user ben

except you put your user name instead of "ben", obviously. Then you add 
yourself as a member of the network group, by putting your user name on the 
end of the network line in .etc/groups. I learnt that recently on this list; 
until then I was changing permissions of /usr/sbin/ppp which, apparently, can 
be a security hole.

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