BSDCon Europe Registrations

Paul Richards paul at
Thu Sep 20 12:25:31 BST 2001

The registration page is now online along with more details on
accomodation, transport and the schedule.

The schedule's bare at the moment but there's a talks page to follow
shortly that lists the speakers; the schedule's bare because we haven't
planned the running order yet.

We could do with some brave souls to test the online registration system.
There may be some teething troubles so please let me know if you see
anything you think isn't right.

We're keeping to the initial price of =A3150 for a personal registration
until the end of September, at which point it will rise to =A3200 for =
and =A3250 for November. Corporate registrations are =A3250 for the whole
period. These prices are all *exclusive* of VAT.

Remember to register sooner rather than later to get the best deal.

There's also a donations box if you'd like to help finance the cost of the
conference. All additional sums over the cost of registration will be very
welcome. There's no VAT on donations.

We're still interested in hearing from potential speakers. There are also
still plenty of sponsorship opportunities as well.

Paul Richards
FreeBSD Services Ltd

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