Newbie needs help with ppp

Brian Somers brian at
Wed Sep 12 22:36:35 BST 2001

> I,ve set up ppp, after numerous attempts, and I can dial out as root from 
> /etc/ppp/ by typing the command "ppp" followed by "dial ISP". However I 
> can't dial out as user.  I know that to access the web as root is 
> dangerous.  Can someone on this group advise me?

You should be able to add ``allow user fred'' to the necessary 
profile in /etc/ppp/ppp.conf and make the user(s) a member of group 
network in /etc/group.  See the man page for more details.

You need to log out & in to see the results of changing /etc/group.

It's safer to run ppp as a user than to run it as root, but only as 
far as direct attacks on the ppp process itself are concerned.  
Andy's advice (the other follow-up to your posting) is correct.

> Many thanks.
> Peter James
> P.S.  Any Freebsd user in Cornwall?

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