Gateway not forwarding packets

Josef Karthauser joe at
Tue Sep 4 19:57:24 BST 2001

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On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 07:18:50PM +0100, Fraser Heath wrote:
> Hello freebsd-users,
>   Ive been trying for the past two days to get my FreeBSD box to act
>   as a gateway between my LAN and my ADSL connection, but for the life
>   of me I cant get it to forward packets. After scouring mail archives
>   in which everyone seems to just say "set gateway_enable=3D"YES" in
>   your rc.conf" ( which I have done ), nothing seems to work.  I have
>   two network cards in the box, one with IP the other a
>   LAN IP of, the machine on the LAN im currently trying
>   to test with has IPs and a LAN IP of,
>   when I specify the default router in rc.conf to my ADSL router IP
>   ( I can ping the router and anything outside from the
>   FreeBSD box, the LAN box can ping the LAN interface of the FreeBSD
>   box, but can not access anything on the outside, im using FreeBSD
>   4.4RC2. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

If you're using private addresses on the inside of your network you'll
also need to enable 'nat' (network address translation).  There's an
option in rc.conf to switch it on, but you'll need to also compile in
ipfw and divert sockets.  [Look at the natd man page].


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