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Andrew McKay birminghamweb at
Wed Oct 31 19:36:29 GMT 2001

On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, hiten pandya wrote:

hp> but the thing is my tutor or headteacher wont give me
hp> permission...


hp> but...
hp> is there anything else i bring or post as a verification... 
hp> like... a letter from my parents with their signature... 
hp> and stuff like that or something...

Obviously the organising committee may have something to say about this
but, to my reckoning, proof that you are 15 would be enough.  As I
understand the law of this country all children are obliged to be in full
time education until they are 16.  If you're not that's a matter for your
local council.

But seeing as, by law, you must be a student then I don't see that there
would be a problem with this.  Anyone from the committee like to jump in
and confirm that this will be fine?

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