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Wed Oct 31 07:14:45 GMT 2001

CC'd the EU list as well so they now the score too.

--On Wednesday, October 31, 2001 01:04:57 +0000 Brian Somers
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>> hi all,
>> is socials... and lunch and coffee break and all included in the=20
>> =A325 student rate entrance to BSDCon...
>> i hope it is.. ;)
> Hi,
> What you get is the same, whether you're corporate, press, individual=20
> or student, but we haven't yet defined exactly what will be supplied=20
> inclusive of the conference fee.

At the moment it's just coffee, and since the hotel is likely to hold me to
a binding contract today then it's going to remain just coffee unless some
sponsor appears miraculously this morning :-)

There's a chance that a meal will be included on the Saturday night as part
of that social event, we'll be making that decision this morning but that
depends on FreeBSD Services finding money to sponsor that since the
conference budget doesn't cover it. Otherwise, people are on their own as
far as lunch/breakfast/Friday night is concerned.

What I'll probably do instead is arrange local venues where we can all go
together (probably several given the numbers involved).

If there are any potential sponsors out there who have been waiting for the
last minute then now is that time.....

Also, since we're having to make final commitments in terms of numbers to
the hotel then we may close registrations so if you want to come you need
to register more or less immediately to be assured a place.

Paul Richards
FreeBSD Services Ltd

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